Monday, 13 July 2015

Two Distinctive Boats

While browsing the web, I came across these two boats, which took my fancy.

The first is an electrically powered river cruiser built in 1905:

More photographs of Wayfarer, and other electric boats, can be found here, at the web site of the Electric Boat Association.

The second, one of two built of iroko on oak, in 1967, is described as an 'estuary' narrowboat, a term I've never heard before:

She's called 'Lutra Parva' (Little Otter) and was for sale in November 20012 for £25,000.00, which some considered expensive in comparison to other vessels available. What makes her unusual is her V bottom, which I think justifies her not unreasonable asking price. More photographs and further information can be found here, at House of Hurley, a personal web site that doesn't seem to have been developed beyond its beginnings.

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