Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Spitfire Flying Dray to Ferry Beer to France

This Spitfire was adapted to carry beer to France for the comfort of British troops serving in Normandy after D-Day:

Here's a close-up of the unusual jettison tanks:

The load was reportedly known as the Model XXX Depth Charge. Very witty.

Details of the aircraft and the reason for its modification can be read at Zythophile, here.


More photographs of this stylish, if rather heavily overworked (I don't like the polyurethane epoxy finish on the unpainted wood, or the chromed hull and deck fittings.) launch, at the Daily Mail.

Madelvic Horseless Carriage

This is another early electric vehicle, The Madelvic Horseless Carriage:

You can read about it here.

A Heilmann Horseless Carriage

This unusual machine consisted of an electric tractor unit coupled to a conventional horse drawn carriage. The electric tractor unit was designed by J. J. Heilmann, who also designed a very promising steam electric railway locomotive that used high speed steam reciprocating engines to power a generator but had the disadvantage that it required a crew of four, making it commercialy unviable.

The photograph was taken from Just a car guy (who found it at Philippe Boursin's French website HISTOIRE DE LA VOITURE ELECTRIQUE), which I found via Hemmings Daily.

A Nice Gaff

I could be very comfortable here.  I would have to live alone, of course, as a woman is highly unlikely to keep the place tidy or to resist the temptation to fill those shelves with glittery trash.

The picture was taken from here, as was this:

The house would benefit immeasurably from the more inspiring surroundings of a relatively unspoiled landscape.

The same images can be viewed at this site.